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Burning Chrome
Jack Trammell's new album "Burning Chrome" is out now! Click above to listen!
“16 Blocks” (Warner Bros.)

“88 Minutes” (Sony)

“Act Of Valor” (Relativity Media)

“An Education” (BBC Films)

“Another Cinderella Story” (Warner Bros.)

“Are We There Yet?” (Sony)

“Armored” (Sony)

“Astro Boy”

“Bad Boys 2” (Sony)

“Beowulf” (Paramount)

“Bewitched” (Sony)

“Body of Lies” (Warner Bros.)

“Bridge To Terrabithia” (Disney)

“Catwoman” (Warner Bros.)

“Chicago 10” (Alkemi)

“Christmas With The Kranks” (Sony)

“Constantine” (Warner Bros.)

“Contraband” (Universal Pictures)

“Cop Out” (Warner Bros.)

“Coraline” (Tea: Wonderland)

“Crank” (Lions Gate)

“Crossover” (Sony)

“Daltry Calhoun” (Miramax)

“Derailed” (Miramax)

“District 9” (Sony)

“DOA: Dead or Alive” (Weinstein Company)

“Doom” (Universal)

“Dragonball Evolutions” (Fox)

“Eragon” (Fox)

“First Snow” (Bob Yari Prod.)

“Forbidden Kingdom” (Lionsgate)

“Forgotten” (Sony)

“Fred Claus” (Warner Bros.)

“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Ve...” (Columbia TriStar)

“Gridiron Gang” (Sony)

“Grindhouse” (Weinstein Company)

“Guess Who” (Sony)

“Harry Potter and The Deat...” (Warner Bros.)

“Harry Potter and the Orde...” (Warner Bros.)

“Hitman” (Fox)

“How To Train Your Dragon” (Dreamworks)

“I Am Legend” (Warner Bros.)

“Ice Age 3” (Fox)

“Immortals” (Relative Media)

“In The Mix” (Lions Gate)

“Inhabited Island 2” (Non-Stop Productions)

“Iron Man” (Paramount)

“John Carter” (Disney)

“John Hancock” (Sony)

“Jonah Hex” (Warner Bros.)

“Kill Bill Vol. 2” (Miramax)

“Killer Elite” (Open Road Films)

“Kung Fu Hustle” (Sony)

“Legally Blondes” (Flyer Entertainment)

“Little Man” (Sony)

“Live Free or Die Hard” (Fox)

“Losers” (Warner Bros.)

“Lost Boys 2” (Canada Premier Pic.)

“Man On A Ledge” (Summit Entertainment, LLC)

“Max Payne” (Cimmaron)

“Meet The Robinsons” (Disney)

“Mission Impossible Ghost ...” (Paramount Pictures)

“More Than A Game” (Lions Gate)

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (Fox)

“My Sister's Keeper” (Warner Bros.)

“National Lampoon's G...” (Independent)

“National Security” (Sony)

“Ninja Assassin” (Warner Bros.)

“Open Water” (Lions Gate)

“P.S. I Love You” (Warner Bros.)

“Paycheck” (Dreamworks)

“Prince of Persia” (Disney)

“Punk'd DVD” (MTV)

“Race To Witch Mountain”

“Rails & Ties” (Warner Bros.)

“Rebound” (Fox)

“Redline” (RL Films)

“Revolver” (Sony)

“Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” (Flyer Ent.)

“Santa Clause 2” (Disney)

“Shorts” (Warner Bros.)

“Skyline” (Universal)

“Slowburn” (Lions Gate)

“Spanglish” (Sony)

“Speed Racer” (Warner Bros.)

“Spider-man 2” (Sony)

“Spider-man 3” (Sony)

“Star Trek” (Paramount)

“State Property 2” (Lions Gate)

“Stealth” (Sony)

“Step Up 2 The Streets” (Disney)

“Sucker Punch” (Warner Bros..)

“Supercross” (Fox)

“Superman Returns” (Warner Bros.)

“Surrogates” (Disney)

“Take The Lead” (New Line)

“The Adventures Of Tin Tin” (MTV)

“The Adventures of TinTin” (Columbia/Paramount)

“The Amazing Spider-Man” (Columbia TriStar)

“The Expendables 2” (Lion's Gate)

“The Golden Compass” (New Line)

“The Grey” (Open Road Films)

“The Honeymooners” (Paramount)

“The International” (Sony Pictures)

“The Last Legions” (Weinstein Company)

“The Longshots” (Weinstein Company)

“The Lookout” (Miramax)

“The Other Guys” (Sony)

“The Punisher” (The Punisher)

“The Spirit” (Lionsgate)

“The Story of the Alleghen...” (Dan Handley Science)

“The Tourist” (Sony)

“The Whole Ten Yards” (Warner Bros.)

“Timeline” (Paramount)

“Toy Story 3” (Disney/Pixar)

“Traitor” (Overture Pictures)

“Transporter 3” (Lionsgate)

“Unaccompanied Minors” (Warner Bros.)

“Underworld 4 ” (Columbia TriStar)

“UP” (Disney/Pixar)

“War Horse” (Dreamworks)

“What's your Number” (20th Century Fox)

“White Chicks” (Sony)

“Whiteout” (Warner Bros.)

“Wildhogs” (Disney)

“X-Files: I Want To Believe” (Fox)

“XXX: State of the Union” (Sony)

“You Got Served” (Sony)

“Airbrush Alchemy” (Airbrush Video)

“Bandit” (Rossignal Ski Promotional...)

“Crankworkx Mountain Bike Show” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Disorderly Conduct” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Focused” (Snowboard Video)

“Ford Focus Podcast” (Rock River)

“Get Down” (Extreme Sports Video)

“Halfway to Nowhere” (Mountain Bike Video)

“High Society” (Ski Video)

“NCAA Trivia Game DVD”

“Notice To Appear - TB11” (Snowboard )

“Oversize” (Rossignal Ski Promotional...)

“Pro-Files Show” (Fuel TV)

“Rage In The Cage” (MMA Documentary)

“Rampage 2” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Rampage 3” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Rampage 4” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Recon” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Restrospective” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Scrubs of the South” (Wakeboard Video)

“Seasons” (Mountain Bike Video)

“Shrediquette” (Extreme Sports Video)

“Sol Bianca” (Pioneer)

“Take Five/Diet Coke Podcast” (Rock River)

“Timeless” (Ski Promo Video)

“Tony Hawk's Secret Tour” (Skateboarding Video)

“Top Secret” (Divinci Bikes Promotional...)

“Vertical Zoo 2004” (Ski Video)

“White Balance” (Snowboard )

“52 Moves: Energize the Move” (Nia Technique)

“Austin Powers in Goldmember” (Maverick/WB)

“Bonneville” (Lakeshore Records)

“Cry Wolf” (Lakeshore)

“Elf” (New Line Records)

“Eurotrip” (Milan)

“Everyone's Hero” (Sony)

“Fired Up” (Sony)

“Ginger Snaps” (Roadrunner)

“Harold & Kumar Go To Whit...” (Bulletproof/WB)

“Longshot” (Transcontinental)

“Lost Boys 2” (Artist's Addiction Records)

“MTV Road Rules” (Roadrunner)

“New York Minute” (Elektra/WB)

“Novocaine” (TVT)

“Once Upon a Time in Mexico” (Milan)

“Ping Pong Playa” (Lakeshore Records)

“Santa Clause 2” (Walt Disney Records)

“Seasons” (The Collective)

“The Cooler” (Lions Gate)

“The Perfect Man” (Curb)

“American Automobile Assoc...”


“Canadian Lotto”

“Ciroc Vodka”

“Coors Light”

“Coors Original”

“Days Inn”


“Hershey's Swoops”

“Jimmy Johns Subs”


“Kona Bikes”




“PS3 Wireless Keypad”

“Sean Jean Clothing” (Christian Casey dba Sean Jean)

“Victoria's Secret”

“Victoria's Secret” (Sound Foundation)



“25 Days of Christmas” (ABC Family)

“50 Greatest Moments at MSG” (MSG)

“6 Degrees” (ABC)

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” (ABC)

“A Very Merry Daughter of ...” (Lifetime)

“A-List Awards” (Bravo)

“Alias” (ABC)

“Always Sunny In Philadelphia” (Fox)

“America's Best Dance Crew” (MTV)

“America's Funniest H...” (Vin Di Bona)

“America's Next Top Model” (UPN)

“America's Got Talent” (NBC)

“America's Next Top Model ...” (Anisa Prod.)

“Army Wives” (Lifetime)

“Arrested Development” (Fox)

“Barbershop” (Showtime)

“Barry Bonds Documentary” (ESPN)

“Baseball Tonight” (ESPN)

“Beautiful People” (ABC Family)

“Beauty And The Geek” (Fox)

“Bedford Diaries” (Warner Bros.)

“Beggars & Choosers” (Showtime)

“Best Damn Sports Show” (Fox Sports)

“Big Shots” (CW)

“Black Sash” (Warner Bros.)

“Bold & The Beautiful” (NBC)

“Bones” (Fox)

“Boomtown” (NBC)

“Boston Public” (Fox)

“Bratz” (Nickelodeon)

“Bronx Is Burning” (ESPN)

“Brotherhood” (Showtime)

“Brothers & Sisters” (ABC)

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (UPN)

“Bull” (TNT)

“Burn Notice” (Fox)

“Buzzin'” (MTV)

“Caged” (MTV)

“Californication” (Showtime Pictures Develop...)

“Can't Get A Date” (VH1)

“Cane” (CBS)

“Castle” (ABC)

“Cathouse” (HBO)

“Celest in the City ” (Disney)

“Cheerleader Nation” (Lifetime)

“College Football Live” (ESPN)

“Commander in Chief” (ABC)

“Confessions of a Campus Bookie” (F/X)

“Conviction” (NBC)

“Courting Alex” (CBS)

“Crash” (Lionsgate)

“Cribs” (MTV)

“Criminal Minds” (ABC)

“Criminal Minds”

“Crossing Jordan” (NBC)

“Crowned” (The CW)

“CSI: Miami”


“Damages” (F/X)

“Dawson's Creek” (Warner Bros.)

“Dexter” (Showtime)

“Dirt” (F/X)

“Dive From Clausen's Pier” (Lifetime)

“Dollhouse” (Fox)

“Dollhouse” (Fox)

“Dr. Vegas” (CBS)

“Drive” (Fox)

“Entourage” (HBO)

“ER” (Warner Bros.)

“Everybody Hates Chris” (Paramount)

“Extreme Challenge” (MTV)

“Felicity” (Warner Bros.)

“For One Night” (Lifetime)

“Friday Night Lights” (NBC)

“General Hospital” (ABC)

“Get Real” (Fox)

“Ghost Whisperer” (CBS)

“Gossip Girl” (ABC)

“Grey Gardens” (HBO)

“Grey's Anatomy” (Disney)

“Grosse Pointe” (Warner Bros.)

“Ground Zero” (NBC MOW)

“Hack” (CBS)

“Head Cases” (Fox)

“Hidden Palms” (Lions Gate)

“High School Reunion” (Warner Bros.)

“Higher Ground” (Fox)

“How I Met Your Mother” (Fox)

“How To Look Good Naked” (Lifetime)

“Human Giant” (MTV)

“I Want A Dog Christmas/Ch...” (ABC)

“In a Heartbeat” (Disney)

“In Plain Sight” (NBC)

“Inconceivable” (NBC)

“Intervention” (A&E)

“It's Always Sunny in...” (F/X)

“Jack & Jill” (Warner Bros.)

“Jack & Jill vs. The World” (HBO)

“Jake In Progress” (Fox)

“Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution” (ABC)

“Jane by Design”

“Jericho” (CBS)

“Jersey Shore” (MTV)

“Joan of Arkadia” (CBS)

“Jockeys” (Animal Planet)

“John Doe” (Fox)

“Johnny Zero” (Fox)

“Just Legal” (Warner Bros.)


“Kath & Kim” (NBC)

“Keeping Up with the Karda...” (M Cable TV)

“Kevin Hill” (Disney)

“Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane” (E!)

“Kitchen Confidential” (Fox)

“Knight Rider” (NBC)

“Kojak” (NBC)

“Las Vegas ” (NBC)

“Law and Order” (NBC)


“Life As We Know It ” (Disney)

“Life of Ryan” (MTV)

“Lights Out” (F/X)

“Lincoln Heights” (ABC Family)

“Line of Fire” (ABC)

“Little Britain” (HBO)

“Live Through This” (MTV)

“Living the Dream” (MTV)

“Lost ” (ABC)

“Making The Band” (MTV)

“Making the Video” (MTV)

“Malcom in the Middle” (Fox)

“Marry My Dad” (NBC)

“Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2” (Activision)

“Matters Of Life And Death” (Lifetime)

“Max Factor” (Style)

“Meet My Folks” (NBC)

“Miami Social” (Bravo)

“Mindfreak” (A&E)

“Miracles” (ABC)

“Miss Match” (NBC)

“Miss Rap Supreme” (VH1)

“Miss Teen USA” (NBC)

“Missing” (Lifetime)

“Mob Wives” (VH1)

“Motocrossed” (Disney)

“Murder in the Hamptons” (Lifetime)


“My Name Is Earl” (NBC)

“My Own” (MTV)

“Nancy Drew” (ABC MOW)


“Necessary Roughness” (Sony TV)

“North Shore” (Warner Bros.)

“Numb3rs” (CBS)

“Old Skool” (VH1)

“One On One” (UPN)

“One Tree Hill” (Warner Bros.)

“Oprah's Big Give” (Harpo)

“Out of Order” (Showtime)

“Parental Control” (MTV)

“Pepper Dennis” (Warner Bros.)

“Personal Justice” (TLC)

“Pick-Up Artist” (VH1)

“Picture This” (Hughes Capital Entertainment)

“Pimp My Ride” (MTV)

“Playmakers” (ESPN)

“Popstars” (WB)

“Prison Break” (Fox)

“Private Practice” (ABC)

“Profiles from the Front Lines” (ABC)

“Providence” (NBC)

“Punk'd” (MTV)

“Queer As Folk” (Showtime)

“Queer Eye For the Straigh...” (Bravo)

“Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” (Bravo)

“Real World” (MTV)

“Reaper” (ABC)

“ReGenesis” (Shaftesbury Films)

“Rescue Dogs” (OLN)

“Rescue Me” (F/X)

“Resurrection Blvd.” (Showtime)

“Reunion” (Warner Bros.)

“Road Rules” (MTV)

“Road to Iron Man” (NBC)

“Roswell” (Warner Bros.)

“Royal Pains” (NBC)

“Run's House” (MTV)

“Running in Heels” (Style)

“Safe House” (NBC Universal)

“Save the Last Dance” (WB)

“Scott Baio is 45 and Single” (VH1)

“Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant” (VH1)

“Scrubs” (Disney)

“Sex & Lies in Sin City” (Lifetime)

“Sex and the City” (HBO)


“Shark” (Fox)

“Six Feet Under” (HBO)

“Sleeper Cell” (Showtime)

“Smallville” (Warner Bros.)

“So You Think You Can Dance” (Fox)

“Sports Illustrated - Sear...” (NBC)

“Spring Break Lawyer” (MTV)

“Standard Snowboard Show” (Fuel)

“Stealing Christmas” (USA)

“Stepsister From the Plane...” (Disney)

“Still Life” (Fox)

“Studio 60” (Warner Bros.)

“Stylista” (The CW)

“Summerland” (Paramount)

“Surface” (NBC)

“Surfer Girls” (MTV)

“Swingtown” (CBS)

“Tale Lights” (Bravo)

“The 4400” (CBS)

“The Big Bang Theory” (CBS)

“The Block” (Nickelodeon)

“The Chris Isaak Show” (Showtime)

“The Cleaner” (CBS)

“The Dating Guy” (Get Lucky TV Productions)

“The Education of Max Bickford” (CBS)

“The Evidence” (ABC)

“The Game” (CBS)

“The Hills” (MTV)

“The Hoop Life” (Showtime)

“The Inside ” (Fox)

“The Last Resort” (ABC Family)

“The Loop” (Fox)

“The Mind of the Married Man” (HBO)

“The Mountain” (Warner Bros.)

“The Next” (Showtime)

“The O.C.” (Fox)

“The Osbournes” (MTV)

“The Pick-Up Artist” (VH1)

“The PJ's” (Disney)

“The Power Rangers” (ABC Family)

“The Riches” (Fox)

“The Ringer” (Fox)

“The Shield” (F/X)

“The Shot” (VH1)

“The Standard Snowboard Show” (Fuel)

“The Twilight Zone” (UPN)

“The Unit” (CBS)

“The Unusuals” (ABC)

“The Vampire Diaries”

“The Wedding Bells” (Fox)

“Thief” (F/X)

“Third Watch” (NBC)

“Three Moons Over Milford” (Disney)

“Tiger Cruise” (Disney)

“Tough Enough 3” (MTV)

“Trigger Happy TV” (Comedy Central)

“Tru Calling” (Fox)

“True Blood” (HBO)

“True Confessions of a Go ...” (Lifetime)

“True Confessions of a Hol...” (Lifetime)

“UFC 73 Countdown” (Spike)

“UFC Bad Blood” (Spike)

“UFC Primetime Penn vs. GSP” (Spike)

“Unbroke” (ABC)

“Undergrads” (MTV)

“Undressed” (MTV)

“Unhitched” (Fox)

“Veritas” (ABC)

“Wanted” (TNT)

“West Wing” (NBC)

“What About Brian” (ABC)

“What's New: Scooby-Doo” (Warner Bros.)

“Wildfire” (ABC Family)

“Windfall” (Fox)

“Winter X Games” (ESPN)

“Witchblade” (Warner Bros.)

“Without A Trace” (CBS)

“Wonderfalls” (Fox)

“WrekCage” (UFC)

“X Trials” (ESPN)

“X2day” (ESPN)

“Young Americans” (Warner Bros.)

“21” (Independent)

“A Very Harold & Kumar Chr...”

“Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter ”

“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.” (Morgan Creek Productions)

“Alex Cross ”

“Alpha Dog” (Universal)

“American Pie: Beta House” (Higher Learning Prod.)

“American Pie: The Naked Mile” (Rogue Pictures)

“American Shopper” (Independent)

“Apollo 18” (Weinstein Company)

“Arthur and the Invisibles” (Weinstein Company)

“Austin Powers in Goldmember” (New Line Cinema)

“Bar Starz” (Vici Films)

“Battleship ”

“Bitch Slap” (Epic Slap, LLC)

“Black Whine” (Independent)

“Bookies” (Independent)

“Bring It On Again” (Universal)

“Cabin in the Woods”

“Catch That Kid” (Fox)

“Center Stage 2” (Stage 6)

“Cheetah Girls 2” (Disney)

“City of Ghosts” (MGM)

“Coach” (Fugitive Films)

“Coach Carter” (Paramount)

“Crime Spree” (Independent)

“Cutaway” (Artisan)

“Cutthroat Alley” (Artisan)

“Da Vinci Code” (Sony)

“Dance Cuba” (Independent)

“Dark Rising” (Song & Film)

“Devious Beings” (Independent)

“Dredd ”

“Eastside” (Independent)

“Elf” (New Line Cinema)

“Elsewhere” (Lost Toys)

“Epic Movie” (Regency)

“Eurotrip” (Dreamworks)

“Everyone's Hero” (Fox)

“Evil Alien Conquers” (Independent)

“Fanboys” (Weinstein Company)

“Fighting” (Rosey Film Productions)

“Final Destination 5”

“Fired Up” (Sony)

“First Snow” (Bob Yari Prod.)

“Frida” (Miramax)

“G.I. Joe 2”

“Ginger Snaps” (Independent)

“Halloween” (Weinstein Company)

“Halloween: Resurrection” (Miramax)

“Harold & Kumar Go To Whit...” (New Line Cinema)

“Hellraiser: Hellworld” (Dimension)

“Hillside Strangler” (Independent)

“Hook'd Up” (Artisan)

“I Love You Phillip Morris” (Panama Pictures)

“I Want A Dog For Christma...” (ABC)

“Invasion” (Warner Bros.)

“Jacked” (Artisan)

“John Carter”

“Journey 2: The Mysterious...”

“Kart Racer” (Independent)

“Kathy T Gives Good Hoover” (Independent)

“Kickin' It Old School” (Bob Yari Prod.)

“Leprechaun 6” (Lions Gate)

“Liberty Kid” (Independent)

“Longshot” (Transcontinental)


“Lost Boys 2” (Canada Premier Pic.)

“Love Song For Bobby Long” (Lions Gate)

“Lucky Girl” (Independent)

“Madea Goes To Jail” (Lions Gate)

“Magic Mike”

“Meet The Browns” (Lions Gate)

“Men In Black 3”

“Mindhunters” (Dimension)

“My Best Friend's Girl” (Lionsgate)

“My Super Sweet 16 Movie” (MTV)

“National Lampoon's Bagboy” (Bagboy Prod. )

“New York Minute” (Warner Bros.)

“Novocaine” (Artisan)

“Once Upon a Time in Mexico” (Sony/Miramax)

“Other End of the Line” (MGM)

“Out For a Kill” (Ni Image)

“Ping Pong Playa” (Independent)

“Play The Game” (Story Films)

“Premium Rush”

“Project X”

“Python” (Independent)

“Rave” (Independent)

“Redline” (RL Films)

“Replikate” (Independent)

“Resident Evil 5”

“Road Dogz” (Independent)

“Safe ”

“Santa Clause 3” (Disney)

“Save the Last Dance 2” (Paramount)

“Scary Movie 4 ” (Weinstein Company)

“Searching for Debra Winger” (Independent)

“Sideways” (Fox)


“Slaughter” (Slaughterhouse Productions)

“Snow White and the Hunstman”

“Soccer Dog 2: European Cup” (Sony)

“Spanglish” (Sony)

“Still Waiting” (Lionsgate)

“Straw Dogs”

“Street Dreams” (Independent)

“Sydney White” (SW70 Prod.)

“Tadpole” (Miramax)

“Takedown” (Dimension)

“Taking Charge” (Independent)


“The Amazing Spiderman”

“The Avengers”

“The Brothers” (Sony/Screen Gems)

“The Butterfly Effect” (New Line Cinema)

“The Chick Flick” (DPC Films)

“The Cooler” (Lions Gate)

“The Dark Knight”

“The Expendables 2”

“The Failures” (Independent)

“The Hills Have Eyes 2” (Fox)

“The Host”

“The Hottie And The Nottie” (Independent)

“The Last Mimzy” (New Line)

“The Long Weekend” (Independent)

“The Longshots” (Weinstein Company)

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

“The Perfect Man” (Universal)

“The Perfect You ” (Independent)

“The Prince & Me 2” (Lions Gate)

“The Slammin' Salmon” (Strong Feesh, LLC)

“The Smokers” (Independent)

“The Sophomore” (Bob Yari Prod.)

“The Thacker Case” (Roberts/David Films)

“This Means War” (Fox)

“Tortured” (Tortured Prod.)

“Total Recall”

“Triggermen” (Independent)

“Van Wilder” (MGM)

“Vegas Baby” (Independent)

“What Happened to Tully” (Independent)

“White Boy” (Independent)

“Wrath of the Titans”

“Amped 2” (Microsoft/XBOX)

“Assassin's Creed: Revelations” (The Ant Farm 0/b/0 Ubisof...)

“Backyard Wrestling 2” (Eidos)

“Baja Racing 4” (Activision)

“Ballers 2” (Midway)

“Big Air” (Infogrames)

“Big Mutha Truckers” (Empire)

“Big Mutha Truckers 2” (Empire)

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”

“Call of Duty: Elite”

“Call of Duty: ELITE BTS”

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (Infinity Ward & Sledgeham...)

“Crackdown” (Microsoft)

“Dance Dance Revolution” (Konami)

“Enter the Matrix” (Infogrames)

“Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel” (Interplay)

“Far Cry 3”

“Final Fight: Streetwise” (Capcom)

“Ford Racing” (Take 2)

“Forza Motorsport 2” (Microsoft)

“Forza Motorsport 3” (Microsoft)

“Ghost Recon 3” (Ubisoft)

“Ghost Recon: Advanced War...” (Ubisoft)

“Major League Baseball 2003” (Electronic Arts)

“Marvel Super Hero Squad” (Hasbro)

“Mass Effect” (Hammer)

“MLB 2006” (Sony)

“Motocross Mania 3” (Rockstar Games)

“MX vs. ATV '08” (THQ)

“MX vs. ATV: Unleashed” (THQ)

“NBA '07” (Sony)

“NBA Jam” (Acclaim)

“NCAA Football 2006 ” (Electronic Arts)

“Need For Speed: Most Wanted” (Electronic Arts)

“NHL Hockey 2003” (Electronic Arts)

“Pimp My Ride” (Activision)

“Project Gotham Racing 3” (Microsoft)

“Quad Racer 2” (Acclaim)

“Rallisport Challenge 2” (Microsoft/XBOX)

“Roadrash - Jailbreak” (Electronic Arts)

“Soul Caliber V” (Ant Farm)

“Street Racing Syndicate” (Namco)

“Stuntman: Ignition” (THQ)

“Summer Heat Beach Volleyball” (Acclaim)

“Sunny Garcia - Championsh...” (Ubisoft)

“Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open” (Infogrames)

“The Fast & The Furious: T...” (Namco)

“Wheelman” (Ubisoft)

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

“XGRA” (Acclaim)