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Using The Keyword Search

Easily search by Album, Artist, Track Title, Genre and Descriptive Term (e.g.: Sad, epic, uplifting, etc.).

You can also filter your search by Position Music Catalog Category (i.e. Artists, Orchestral Series, Production Music Series, etc.) by checking or un-checking the boxes directly below the search field.

To search multiple terms, use a comma to separate the keywords (e.g.: "Uptempo, acoustic, rock"). To exclude a keyword from your search, use the minus sign before the keywords you wish to exclude (e.g.: Urban, -R&B).


Download access is given to registered and approved clients. You must be logged in to access the download links. To log in, click "Client Login" in the upper right hand corner of the website.

From The Music Search Page

After your keyword search results appear, click the down-arrow button located to the left of the track titles. You will be taken to the song detail page, which houses the links for downloading AIF's and MP3's of full versions and edits (Instrumentals, Stings, etc.).

From The Music Player
When using the any music player on the site, select the song you wish to download, then click the "i" button on the player. You'll be taken to the song detail/download page.

Downloading Complete Albums
Complete albums can be downloaded (AIF or MP3) directly from the albums pages. Click "Catalog" in the navigation bar at the top of the site. Then select which category of the catalog you wish to browse. Select an album and you'll be taken to the album page where the download links can be found to the right of the album cover image.

** If you're logged in and the download links do not appear, please contact Position Music at 310-442-8170 for more information.


From any player, select the song you want to add to a playlist. Then click the "+" on the player. You'll see an option to add the song to "an existing playlist" or "create a new playlist."

To access your playlists, click on the "Playlists" link in the upper right hand corner of the website.

Here you can sequence, edit, delete, email and archive your playlists.

Contact Us

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